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01643 862419   info@firstdesignprintweb.co.uk

01643 862419

Self Publish Books

Make the dream of having your book in print
a reality…

Many of us dream about writing a book; a novel, a guidebook or perhaps our memoirs. We’ve all thought about it, we might even have gone as far as to write it – but then comes the biggest challenge of all, getting it into print. The good news is that we are here to make it easy!

Why choose First for your book project?
Established 10 years in Porlock near Minehead
Successfully produced a wide variety of books
Skilled and experienced staff
In house, on-site production facilities
Desire to make your book project a success

From manuscript to beautifully printed books…

1. Get in touch
today to discuss
any queries and
arrange a meeting

2. Discuss
design, ideas and
specification for
your new book

3. We will provide
a detailed quote
for your

4. We’ll design
your cover and
produce the layout
for one chapter

5. We’ll refine

the design and

provide a finished

proof for sign off

6. Your books
beautifully printed
and bound

7. Launch.
Introduce theworld to your
fabulous new

The whole
process can be
completed in as
little as
2 – 3 weeks.

“A great pleasure to recommend First Design. People like my small book immediately, it is so well presented – type
large and clear, quality paper, PUR binding, lovely to handle; printers at the tope of their game. Super job, thank you
so much.”
– Philippa Gerry

Imagine the feeling of holding your very own book in your hands…

Design and Artworking Prices

Book Cover Design:
Design and layout of book cover, creation of logotype, retouching/editing images, printed &
emailed proofs and finished print ready PDF files

Page Design, Layout and Typesetting:
Design and layout of pages, front matter, section starts, folios, etc. from typescript
supplied by you, printed and emailed proofs and finished print ready PDF files

Page Design – Colour Picture Book:
For books with lots of photos, pictures, diagrams, etc, design and layout of pages, front
matter, section starts, folios, etc. from typescript supplied by you, edit photos, pictures,
etc., printed & emailed proofs and finished print ready PDF files

Prepare Print Ready Word Files For Press:
Prepare your finished book pages created in Word, check file and prepare press ready
PDF files

Printing Prices

How many pages?
Typically an A5 book has 300 – 500 words per page, depending upon size, margins, etc.

Example pricing:
High quality print, 350gsm laminated colour cover, 100gsm bright white pages and perfect bound

“I have used First Digital Print to publish several of my books for Genge Press, ranging from one of over 300 pages to
smaller paperbacks, many with illustrations. I have always been more than satisfied with Mark’s excellent service”
– Sue Lloyd, Genge Press

Start your book project today…

    Rather talk to one of the team?

    Give us a call and let us guide you through
    the process.


    “When coming to the end of a book or project, be it mainly photographic or rextual, it comes as something of a relief
    to be taking the work to First Digital Print at Porlock. I know I can shuffle, rearrange or alter the format, the typeface or
    the layout with confidence. It really takes the sting out of the final stages of production when I can just sit down and
    discuss each issue at length. Mark has always had time for the finer points and brings a professional confidence to
    those final important minutes before we decide to go to production.”
    – John Gilman

    Don’t put off making your book project a reality – it’s a great feeling to hold that first copy of your very own book in your hands but if you don’t take action, your book may never see the light of day…

    Do you need an ISBN Number?
    An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique product identifier for books.
    There is no requirement to have an ISBN for your books but it can be used by booksellers
    and libraries for searching and ordering, etc.
    The ISBN Number can also be added to the back cover as a barcode – some retailers
    require a barcode to stock a book.
    You can find out more and buy ISBN Numbers at www.nielsenisbnstore.com/Home/Isbn
    We can help you with your ISBN Number application and provide a barcode.

    Your book deserves to be read – make an appointment today…

    At a meeting (or phone call) we’ll go through all the details and answer any queries you may have. We’ll then
    provide you with a detailed specification, quote and timescale for approval.

    Call 01643 862419 or email info@firstdesignprintweb.co.uk to make an appointment.