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01643 862419   info@firstdesignprintweb.co.uk

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Logo and brand design

Your branding is the ‘face’ of your business – luckily, it’s a face you can choose….

Your logo and branding are the cornerstone of your marketing. It should communicate a lot of what your business is about.

Along with your company name, your logo is one of the key things that helps to make your business memorable… or not!

It’s about being easily recognised, unique. When people start to associate positive attributes to your brand style it becomes very valuable in promoting your business.

Bottom line: It’s important to get it right.

We take your image very seriously

Designing your new brand style is a in-depth process involving an evolution of ideas from our graphic designers and you. The process should not be rushed. Like your handshake, your logo makes the all important first impression.

At First we are experienced in taking branding projects from a blank sheet of paper through to a finished brand style, complete with logo pack and brand guideline documentation.

Whether you are starting from scratch or re-inventing your image