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01643 862419   info@firstdesignprintweb.co.uk

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Greetings Cards

Artists – Spread your fame with Greetings Cards….

Greetings cards & Christmas cards are a great way way to get your work in front of a larger audience. They are accessible for everyone to buy and you always get multiple exposure – at the very least the sender and the recipient!

Greetings cards can be profitable too. Even in small quantities we can print your artwork as greetings cards for a low cost, allowing plenty of resale margin.

We produce tens of thousands of greetings cards each year:

  • We can scan or photograph your originals
  • Choice of sizes, shapes and formats
  • Cards only or complete with envelopes and cello sleeves
  • Low cost reprints

We are delighted to work with renowned local artists including Maurice Bishop (Link), Terry Gable and Jo Down.

Corporate Christmas Cards

A top quality Christmas Card – signed by you and your team – always makes a good impression. It’s a marketing communication that isn’t about selling, but it puts your company in the front of the customer’s mind and builds the relationship with your brand.

Your company Christmas card is a great opportunity to do something creative that gets customers thinking about your company in a new light. Alternatively we can simply select a beautiful ‘Christmassy’ image for you. The two most important things your Christmas cards must have:

  • Logo: Your logo in a prominent position
  • Signature: You must sign your cards – otherwise it’s just a mailer!

Start your new greetings card project now