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Harness the power of print in your business ….

Ironically, as volumes of print decrease it becomes ever more effective. Printed promotional materials cut through the noise of the internet and engage your customer in a less crowded setting.

Having a brochure lets you place your company’s message into the hand of your customer. Simply having a brochure speaks volumes about your business: it communicates ‘quality’, ‘successful’, ‘established’, ‘professional’.

Premium status implied

Printed brochures are always used to market high value products. Cars, furniture, financial services. There are two categories of business – those which have a brochure and those which do not. Those that do have a brochure align themselves with the premium sphere. The physical nature of a brochure is reassuring.

The brochure keeps selling…

Take the following example:
The customer leaves the car dealership with the brochure. When they return home they leaf through the pages, feeling the paper between their fingers, pouring over the beautiful images and specifications – it reinforces the emotional aspect of making the buying decision. Without the brochure the customer’s attention will quickly wane and wander elsewhere – the brochure is the reminder of everything great about that new car.

Effective follow up

Sending a brochure is a great way to follow up any enquiry. Firstly it provides a reason to keep communicating with a prospective customer – you gain the opportunity to get their address and put your message in their hand the next day – in a form that will hang around a lot longer than an email.

Conversely if you haven’t got anything to send a prospective customer the communication stops dead. The simple act of sending a brochure to follow up every lead could make a huge difference to your business – it also provides the opportunity to sell them products and services other than the one they enquired about.

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