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01643 862419   info@firstdesignprintweb.co.uk

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About First

To provide businesses with a single source for all their marketing… across design, print, web, email, everything.

This was First’s founding principle back in 2008 when we first opened the doors in Porlock near Minehead, Somerset.

It was clear to us that it was often the quality of a company’s marketing that determined their success more than anything else. Businesses could be held back by the hassle involved in dealing with separate graphic designers, website designers, printers and so on…

First set out to bring all the important business promotion services under one roof, and be good at it. Really good at it.

Over the years we’ve developed and refined our service. We understand the requirements and challenges of running and growing a business. Crucially we know that our clients want us to drive their project forward and create results. It’s all about getting things done.

First. Your marketing partner

From identifying opportunities to hooking new customers. Across branding, graphic design, print and the web – we’ve got it covered.



I started work in this industry when I was 18. Since then I’ve overseen the production of 10’s of millions of pages of marketing material. Over time printed pages have been joined by webpages, emails and social media snippets. In spite of this ever growing torrent of communication my enthusiasm remains undiminished.

In fact I’m more excited about the work we do than ever before. In 2018 marketing communications are more varied, more immediate and more powerful than ever. There are so many ways to reach customers both new and old – it gives you the feeling that anything is possible!

Marketing is the essence of commerce – inspiring a customer to buy… or not. It’s a challenging, pressured but ultimately thrilling sphere of work. I’m convinced that mine is the best job in the world.


Growing up I have always had an interest in the arts – doodling funny characters and trying to make my own comic books.

This interest lead me to do a HND in Illustration at Bridgwater & Taunton College and my interest in design took me on to do a BA (Hons) in Packaging Design.

I live here in Porlock where First Design is based. It’s a really beautiful place and in my spare time I like to explore the trails on my mountain bike. I still like to do a bit of drawing but nowadays it’s mostly drawings of cats or My Little Pony for my young daughter.


Since a young age, I have always been passionate about art and photography. After receiving an A* in GCSE Fine Art, I then progressed my education and went on to study Art and Photography at Petroc College, Devon.

Being born and brought up in a small village on Exmoor has led me to appreciate the coast and countryside that surrounds me. In my spare time, I enjoy playing with my young nephews and nieces and visiting places of interest.

Working in First has significantly increased my understanding of the design industry and has enabled me to become more familiar with how it operates. I love watching my work evolve; from designing it on the screen, to holding the final product. First is such a lovely place to work and it’s a privilege to be part of the team!


From a young age I have always had a keen interest in computers and technology which lead to me studying I.T at school and college.

Previously I worked for a company printing wall stickers, mugs and cushions which fuelled my interest in this industry.

Here at First I have already learned so much being kept up to date with new technologies and techniques. I enjoy that every day is different and the team is always willing to pull together to reach the targets that are set.

In my spare time I like to go walking with my dog or off out my mountain bike, with such wonderful scenery around here it is a joy to explore the Exmoor hills any evening or weekend.

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Over the last few years we have taken great strides in developing our brand, winning awards along the way such as the Somerset Business Award for Marketing and Promotion.

First’s input into all of this has been pivotal.

David Baker

Managing Director, Styles Ice Cream